Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm a good multi-tasker, right??

I try pretty hard to get several things done at once. I can talk on the phone and do my dishes at the same time, I can fold laundry and watch TV at the same time. And the most recent, I can cook something on the stove top and cook something in the oven at the same time. NOT!! The story...as many of you know, I'm in a food group with a couple of my friends. Each week I receive a meal on Monday and Tuesday and in return on Wednesday, I cook for my 2 friends. Well, I was fixing my meal for Wednesday on the stovetop and at the same time I was making yummy PKM's for mutual for Lex tomorrow night. Multi tasking Well, I turned down the stovetop burner so I wouldn't burn my dinners. I kept opening and dumping ingredients in. I looked back at my stopetop burner and it was still on high. I thought "I already turned that down didn't I?" Oh well, whatever. Then I take my PKM's out and they're burnt!! What how in the world can you burn kisses??!! Not to mention the fact that these little treats aren't cheap to make. Man, I ruined them. Then when I go to turn off the oven bake, it's cranked clear to 500 broil!! Well, no wonder I burned the PKM's. I had the oven on broil. Then I start thinking how in the world did this happen? I can't blame Eric. He isn't here. Brek's a great culprit except the fact that he's sleeping on the couch. I guess I can only blame myself. Instead of turning down the stovetop, I turned up the oven. And to think, I'm supposed to feed 300 grandparents and kids in a couple of weeks. Maybe we better bless the food before we eat it!!


An Epic Event said...

Haha. Great post!