Friday, January 18, 2013

Explanations on photos

So there are some Christmas morning photos. Bode's spanks are his most favorite piece of clothing to hang in...his Roos except he wears boxers. The rattlesnakes are from Jenny Hokansons brother. He lives in AZ and found this little treat in one of his "pipes". There were at least 6 snakes in there. Interesting thing is they just put the lid back on and walked away. No snake stew!! Can you believe it Ki? I was shocked! Spongebob is Brek's pinewood derby car. What other pictures are on there. Oh yeh, the scarf that mom made for Lex. What else? Is that it? Oh the tree is the bulletin board in progress for the primary room. Van door taped closed. It did prevent a lot of noise and actually the other day I slammed the drivers door and the slider closed!! So right now, all doors are closed. Two people enter through the front and everyone else has to climb in the back hatch including girls in dresses. Talk about embarrassing. We are a piece of work aren't we??


Kiley said...

And you still haven't gotten a new car?! What torture for your girls! That's gross that they didn't even kill those snakes. Can you imagine how many baby snakes will be in there shortly. Maybe they didn't have a hand gun to shoot them, or were afraid of damaging something.