Monday, April 22, 2013

Prom date and ground work

Lex got asked to prom by Brenden Holst. He left a page with a bunch of foil wrapped candy. We thought it was Eric who was doing something for me cuz there was no name or anything. Actually we knew Brenden was asking but we played it up. Then out very kind neighbors the Smiths let us use their tractors to get our ground worked. Bode couldn't hardly stand that tractor just sitting there with nobody running it. He got up this morning at 5 to go work.
In other news, I still haven't heard from a dr to know when my biopsy is. I'm supposed to call in Wednesday if I don't hear from them. Also we got a new bishopric yesterday. Bart Hawkins, Dan Winder and Gregg Taylor.


Countrylivn' said...

Well that is cute! Now dress shopping? or do you already have something in mind? My biopsy is in a week... Did they tell you what size yours were? Good luck, hopefully they can do it soon so you dont have to wait and wonder forever.

wyomingerica said...

I didn't hear that you needed a biopsy? Let me know what's going on?