Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Feeling Better??

I think that I'm feeling better. Except the fact that I get no sleep. I think I was up from 11 til now. I should be sleeping but here I am typing at the puter. Brek is asleep right now. He has his days and nights totally messed up. I'm going to go rest some. It's cold here like in the teens and twenties. It got down to 8 or 6 last night. Eric spends most of his day thawing out everyone's water. The cows, the pigs, every Mexican that works on the farm. I wish they would understand to turn their water on a drip at night so it doesn't freeze. Hopefully, some one will. Bode is liking the baby but is rough, not to be mean but he doesn't know how not to be rough. He wants Brek to wear these tractor shoes really bad. We will put them on Brek on Fri when he gets to go do the all important "wack job" on his boy parts. Should be interesting.


wyomingerica said...

Don't you love the first few days. Good to hear everything is going good. It really makes me baby hungery. Are you getting excited for the sister's reunion?

wyomingerica said...

I was looking a friends blog and they have a cousin named Brek, and a cousin named Ryder, and it wasn't us. I though it was pretty funny.