Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tea Party and Karaoke

Summer had her official "intro to being a woman" party. They have a little tea party at school with mom/daughter or grandma in this case. They had a fashion show. Mom said that she was the shiest girl there. Too bad. Must be like dad. Lexi is singing "Sharpay's" part in the community dinner entertainment. From High school musical's song "We're all in this together". They will do a whole act and dance routine. Brek is fine. He is sleeping and eating and pooping and peeing. That's about it. Bode is destroyer of all cleanness. He keeps himself busy cutting bananas into a hundred pieces than throwing away the knife, plate and bowl that he was using. Good thing someone looked into the garbage can. Other than that, we are kind of boring. I haven't left the house since Monday. Getting cabin fever.


wyomingerica said...

Will your mother in law come and clean again? Will she come to my house next?

mom2mykids said...

No, I hope not. It was too hard on her and me. She has company this weekend and then I think that she might start working 2 1/2 days a week. You might not want her to come clean. She will be a VERY hard judge on you as a person and your religious beliefs.

Jennifer Nielson said...

Glad to hear everything in going good...I love the name Brek...Is Brek getting any better at sleeping at night in stead of the day yet?