Thursday, January 31, 2008

There's a leak!!

in my wall. Actually in my washing machine hoses which has leaked through my wall into my closet and the carpet is totally soaking wet. So everything has come out of my closet and I will be cleaning today. I'm glad I'm feeling a little better. And of course, Brek is asleep right now while I work so I won't get to nap because he will be awake when I get done. My room was clean!!


wyomingerica said...

Oh my goodness, maybe you could get your insurance to get you new carpet. Something to think about.

Jennifer Nielson said...

Not fun...water inside the house is such a pain! We have been lucky with all our rain storms it hasn't come in...My scrapbook store had about 5 feet of rain that leaked in from both doors and that is a mess we are dealing with...I hope it gets fixed for you soon...Miss ya!