Friday, October 31, 2008

Great Wolf was great!!

We had the best time at Great Wolf Lodge. There was sooo much to do. The worst part was there weren't hooks in the bathroom to hang all our wet clothes and everything cost $ to do except play in the water park. We had a great time. I will post more pics when I have time as I have laundry to do and all sorts of other things to get done today. I also have some vinyl orders. Everyone be sure to post your kids in their costumes!! There was a bucket of water that dumped 1000 gallons on your head. It was an incredible force.We "died" at the cemetary in the main lobby at Great Wolf. They had a trick or treat trail where the kids got to dress up in their costumes and go on a cute little adventure getting candy and listening to riddles, etc. We stopped for a photo op at the cemetary. I can't imagine what it looks like at Christmas all decorated!!The fireplace mantle all decked out in orange. This mantle was at least 2 stories tall. The white and green circular looking things are green eggs and ham because they were doing an ode to Suess. SOO fun!The cemetary without kids in front of it.
The clock tower with pumpkin contest at the base of it.


Kiley said...

Where was this? That looks like a fun place to go. Were they having a dress-up contest? Who did you go with and what did your kids dress up as?
Oh, by the way, the post was was deleted on my blog was deleted by the author, so I don't know who did it or what it said.

wyomingerica said...

I dido Kiley where is the Great wolf, I've never heard of it.