Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad

It's my dad's B-day today? Is he 60 something I think 62? I think that's right. Anyway, my dad is the totally package of goodness. He is incredibly knowledgable in the scriptures and church doctrine. Whenever Eric and I are having a discussion (especially about Isaiah) we always ask him. He has a great deal of self control. He also loves to play with his sons and grandsons. He likes to teach them to drive and throw rocks , feed cows, whittle, hammer nails, check tires all the things that boys should do. We love you dad and are thankful for your goodness and teachings. Have a great day!! (Working)


Kiley said...

That last picture looks just like Bret.

Joseph & Anna Heintzelman said...

Hey trisha. i am not sure what your email is so i am leaving a comment in hopes you will find this!! i love the vinyl quotes you did for Melissa and I am hoping you will have time to whip out a few for me in the next week or 2. Melissa could get them from you and bring them to Tony's wedding in ID so you wouldn't have to ship them to FL. Let me know if you think you will have time and I will let you know what I am wanting. If not, I will order them from someone else. Not a big deal. just let me know. thank you so much!
Anna (Lee)