Thursday, October 2, 2008


We have been busy with ball and maps and homework. Lexi has been playing VB. Her team has one every game except against Royal City, a rivalry in the making. She does good some games and not so good other games. She always does good on serving. 80-90%. Sum has to do a presentation of a map today and a presentation of a poem by Shel Silverstein. Something about someone shooting an arrow at an apple and the shooter misses just by a little and it has a pic of the arrow through a guy's head. We probably all remember that book. Anyway we built a hat that had an arrow coming out of the front and back and she's putting an apple on her head while she recites the poem. I hope that she will be brave enough to speak up and look confident. Bode had an interesting day yesterday as he was supposed to get off the bus at the neighbor's and didn't and ended up riding the whole route and getting off at the church where I was with Sum for acheivement day. He didn't give the note to the driver saying he was getting off somewhere else and thank goodness the driver didn't let him off at our house. I don't think he knows how to use the phone and really couldn't anyway because Lex had my cell phone. Anyway, she's a great driver and knew that I wasn't home so she wouldn't let him off. Breky is growing a BIG head and doing fine. He has a Kameron head or a Jason Blackburn head. It is huge and blocky and huge. Even the shirts that have snaps at the neck are stretched to their limit getting over his head.
I walked out my front door and found this hanging from our outside light. Please, could we be MORE hickish. I mean we already live in Mennonite-ville and they all think we are terrible because we have a TV antenna that is 20 feet in the air and a broken down car in our parking lot. There is a silage pit at Easterdays that stinks, a stink beyond words, rotting flesh is what it reminds me of. Well, he was in it yesterday and his pants, boots, hair, shirt, everything reeks. So I asked him to leave his nasties outside. This is his solution, "So they can air out!" Yikes and the neighbors KNOW they are airing out!!


wyomingerica said...

I need some lesson serving from Lexi. Are you going anything fun for the birthdays this year?

Tricia and Eric Freeman said...

We should be but haven't even thought about it or asked about it

The TAUFA'S said...

Sounds like you have been busy. Glad to see that things are moving along and that you are able to handle in stink in the air.