Sunday, December 7, 2008

Are you the lucky one??

And we have a winner, or two!!! I used to pick my numbers and here are the results of my drawing...(drumroll please)...
Serve the Lord-Kira Lee and Jande McGary (Why do you girls have to grow up and change your names???)
Stockings were hung-RNewey Family and Jennifer (Weston) Nielson
Flower-Jenny Hokanson and Danell Naef
Pencils-Jennifer (Bret) Nielson and Jenni
Christmas-Katie and Sabrina
For everyone who didn't win, send me your snail mail and I'll send you a little treat too, cuz everyone's a winner!!

Ok email me with info like snail mail, colors and names of teachers etc. Please do it ASAP so I can get it sent out to you. Thanks for participating and be watching for another giveaway in the near future!!


Jennifer said...

Yeah I am so excited! I will email you right away!

The TAUFA'S said...

I didn't think I would win! I'll email soon.