Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

The holiday weekend is over!! We had a great time with all of the Freeman's. ALL of Eric's siblings and their children excluding Aaron (on a mission in the Phillipines) came to Grandma's house. We had lots of fun. The kids played alot of games and outside. We did alot of visiting and eating. It's hard to go back to "normal" life after such a fun weekend. Here are a few pics of the weekend. For the Nielson's, we do have a Christmas present. We did get to have family pictures. Here are some pics.Jayson, Charie's oldest, Lexi and Ryker, Ray's middle.Emma Sue, yes her real name is Emma Sue, Ame's baby.Maci, Tyson's Middle, Parker, Chaelaine's baby and Brek
Josie, Jason's oldest, Charie and Camilla, Charie's baby


wyomingerica said...

your family pictures turned out good. I need to do some for Christmas cards.

Deborah Austin said...

What a fun time for you guys the only sad part about it I so wish we would have come and seen you all while all of you were there. Can you imagine the chaos that would have brought? Well we were so glad to see you this weekend your kids are getting so so big I can't believe it!!!Good job on being a Mom it is wonderful but not always easy and your kids are growing up so great that is awesome.

Well Hey I had a question I saw a board on Kira Lee (McGary's) blog "the stockings were hung" something like that I loved it and She said thanks to you do you sell those if so how much? I want to get one!! let me know the details.

Love you guys!!

Deborah Austin said...

Oh by the way love the family pictures they turned out awesome!

The TAUFA'S said...

How awesome that you had such a big family get together for Thanksgiving. I'm sure the kids loved it, amongst all the hectic, chaotic mess.