Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I should post something

I got a new calling on Sunday, den mom to the bear pack. That should be fun. I'm not too worried as I have done it before just 10 years ago. Everyone is doing fine. We are having our state assessment tests in the next 2 weeks so Lex and Sum are a little stressed about that but they are doing fine. Sum got 2 more brackets put on her teeth that hadn't come in until now. The bottom row is looking better all the time. We had a fun Easter with a hunt on Sat at UDave (which is where Amy lives now) They invited the ward. Alot of people came and it was fun for the kids. Then we had fun with our Freeman cousins and Nielson cousins that live close. YUMMY food at the Nielson get together that I didn't get to have because of my diet but I've lost 25 pounds so I guess that was ok. Eric is still planting onions, potatoes and he had a frame crack on a tractor. They won't even build the part for the tractor until late JUNE!! Amazing. I don't know if he can be down a tractor that long.


David and Kira said...

Wow, good job on losing 25 lbs! Parties are the hardest to resist yummy food! You feel like you can graze the whole party!

Kiley said...

Good job on losing 25 pounds!