Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We're still here

It's spring break this week so the kids have been at home. I'll give a recap of the last few days.
Lex and Sum went with Gma and pa Nielson to Ashley's baptism and to see Jilly and Erin. They got home on Monday. Bode wrestled on Sat and got pinned for the first time. It was pretty hard for him but he did alot better the next time, he didn't win but he did get points and take downs. An improvement. Still don't have a new calling however, I subbed in Primary, Bode's class. It was fun. Mon we just hung out at home and took Bode to wrestling practice. Tues another day of hanging out at home, I also scrapped, and took Bode to wrestling practice. Today, I'm taking Brek to get pics and Lex is babysitting. Bode and Sum are going to Gma Nielson's. That's what we have been up to.