Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lexi said...

That I haven't posted in a while. It's kind of hard to post when there's 3 kids around here all the time needing the PUTER. I can't ever get on it!! Here are some of the things that have been happening.

Brek: Wearing Bode's singlet and showing how much he doesn't like the headgear. Thanks to Gma & pa Nielson and Summer for staying home with Brek on Sat. It was

Bode: last wrestling match. He got pinned and then did better his second match but also
lost. Wrestling is over. Hurray!! The best Bode did this year was 4th place. He's pretty squirrelly so I'm not surprised he doesn't know how to do many moves. Hopefully it will come with age. Thanks to Gma & pa Freeman and Josie and JJ and their mom and dad for coming and cheering for Bode!!
Summer: Is learning to croquet from Gma Nielson. She is making a hotpad!! Good for her. She also just finished her VB season. She got a lot better over the season and can now get her serves over which she couldn't do last year. Sum and Lex were also in a concert a together.

Lexi: now wears one contact (only one eye is bad.) She loves to hang with her fun friends and watch wrestling and TV.