Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lexi's Co2 Car

In Sci-ma-tech (one of Lexi's electives) Lexi has to build a Co2 car and race it against her class. Of course she wanted to build something impossible to make. So, we went to our good neighbor, Brother Marshall. He did a pretty good job. Except for one problem- the axle holes were crooked. And that was a BIG problem!! But, we got them straight and then we moved on to the hardest part. We had to hollow it out! Luckily, Eric new how to do that and he did a pretty good job! Finally the wood cutting was done! But, of course Lexi wanted a impossible paint job, too. But, she decided on something a little more easier after we told her we couldn't do it. Here's some pictures of our hard work!!!
First,we painted the car silver. Then we put tape over it and painted it blue.

Next, we peeled the tape off and made a few adjustments to the so called "paint job"

Here's some pictures of the finished product: