Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2 shiny quarters

Here's what I got for two shiny quarters (ok, maybe the quarters weren't that shiny-actually I used my debit card)
20-Pasta Salad
2-Pillsbury refridgated cookie dough

This was kind of a fluke deal. I had $1.25 coupons (printed off the internet from coupons.com) for the cookies that I knew I wanted to use (since I'm on a diet and if I don't have to cook yummies then I don't eat yummies and my kids are old enough to do it without my help.) So I went to Albies to see how much these cookies cost. $2.50 WHOA!! Expensive. I thought there was no way I could make a deal work where I could get them for under about 50 cents. I was WALKING out of the store and they had some items that were up front on sale. The Pasta was there with $1/2 peelies on the front. The pasta is part of the mix and match. If you buy ten items you get $5 off instantly, well the pasta was $1/each so 10/$10 with the peelie doubled made them FREE!! Kind of confusing so here's the math
10 Pasta- $10
1 cookie- $2.50
instant Savings -$5 (mix and match epic sale)
pons savings -3.00 (from pasta peelies)
cookie pon -1.25
-3.00 (used 3 doublers totaling $1 each)
Did this transaction twice to spend my 2 shiny quarters
Total savings $52.68


Beth morgan said...

Incredible! I wish we had an albertsons. We have Safeway and Fred Meyer's can you do them? That is incredible!