Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The deals at Albies

Ok did an Albies run which I wasn't planning on doing because I haven't been home and didn't have time to plan an attack. Here's what I got.

2-Hotdogs 16-1 pint flavored milk
2-Wacky noodles 3-Chinet Big Plates (36 count)
6-Tuna 1-Chinet little Plates (35 count)
7-PB 21-Kraft Mac & Cheese
3-Cups of Mac & Cheese 10-Shampoo/conditioner (Dove brand)
2-Kotex 1-Poptart
3-Mustard 4-Candy Bars
1-Cakester 9-Frosted Flakes
1-Froot Loop 3-Raisin Bran
6-Sandies (cookies) 2-Fudge Stripes (cookies)
The cookies were from Walgreens.
OOP at Walgreens $13.00
Total savings $7.00
Catalinas $10.00 (These are basically coupons that I can use on anything Walgreens, I will probably get diapers with my $10)

OOP at Albies $9.32
Total Savings $245.82
That's a 96% savings!! All my pons were printed off the internet or from my papers. I didn't buy any of them except the cakester ones (which I bought for another transaction that I couldn't get to work-$3.50. With that cost added in I spent)
OOP $12.82-Pretty good!! (I also have a $5 catalina for Albies)