Monday, July 13, 2009

What not to do before church

There are several things that you shouldn't do before church. Like let your 5 year old boy go outside in his white shirt and Sunday pants. Things like muddy knees and a tie buried in the backyard tend to happen. Another thing you don't do, wake up your teenage daughter late because then EVERYONE will be late and grumpy. And one that we recently encountered. Drag your kicking and screaming child into church only to hurt his arm. Bad enough hurt that he won't stop crying so you take him to the ER to find out you dislocated his elbow! OUCH!! It's ok apparently it happens ALOT and usually the radiologist gets the priviledge of putting it back in because he bends the elbow straight to take a picture of it. So for 45 mins, Brek cried in pain. But as soon as the radiologist did his thing, Brek was ready to go. A totally different child. And do you wonder if we were treated differently because we were in church clothes. You bet!! I don't think we got turned in for abuse. Here are the pictures of Brek at the ER.