Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Eric

Yesterday was Eric's birthday. No, we didn't forget. Yes, we celebrated. Today is the day that I have time to write about it. Did you know that Eric was actually born David Eric but that 2 days after he was born his parents decided that he just didn't look like a David and swapped his names? Did you know that he shares his birthday with Dr. Suess and that his cousin Jamie Freeman was born on exactly the same day 3 years later? Did you know that his favorite color is red? And his nick name when he was growing up was Red? (occassionally his dad will call him that-it's funny to hear, actually his dad either calls his "Son" or "Red".) Did you know that even though I think I want to retire to the mountains and drag Eric to the mountains, he loves the desert bloom and the farm land? Did you know that Eric really likes to go to work and takes pride in doing a good job? Eric is also a great dad and fun to be around. He likes to laugh alot and tell (what he thinks) are funny jokes-made up and he always laughs at himself!! We love him and have a great time with him. What did we do to celebrate? Summer made him a card, dairy queen made him a cake and then we spent the night sitting at Bode's wrestling practice while he tied up some loose ends at work until 8:45pm. We also came home from practice and sat in the dark because there was a powerline down between us and the neighbor's house. It was actually out for about 3-3 1/2 hours so we were TV free, internet free, Wii free!! It was a fun day. Happy Birthday Eric! We love you!! About the 52-no he's not 52. They were the only candles we could find in the dark!!


wyomingerica said...

happy birthday Eric, we love you too.