Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What's wrong with this picture??

Leave a comment if you know or just wanna take a stab at it.1. Pierced ears aren't new. She's had them since she was 12-remember there's a whole story with that. There is definitely something wrong with the picture!

HINT: It's not in the background. The wrongness has something to do with Lexi.

2. No not vinyl on the head, that's a ribbon. Spirit Week this week, so yes, she meant to wear pj's for extreme green day, plucking eyebrows happens often, no green dog doo.

HINT: Blowing up the picture is a good idea. Check out the pants. You who are my sisters will probably be as naive as me. You might have to do some research!!


Countrylivn' said...

Pierced Ears???

wyomingerica said...

I've got nothing. Our her shoes on the wrong feet?

Countrylivn' said...

I cant figure it out either, I even blew the picture up and everything, Did she get braces? Did she pluck her eyebrows? Does she know she is wearing pjs to school? Did she cut her hair? Did she put vinyl tatooed on her forhead? Im stumped she looks CUTE and normal to me??? You have to tell soon!

Countrylivn' said...

I know....she must be standing in green dog doo? Am I getting closer? Aunt Mijken

Countrylivn' said...

OK spill it, I still dont see what is wrong? They look like little hearts on her pjs, no?