Thursday, March 18, 2010

What's wrong solution!!

I had-unknowing to me-bought Lexi these green pants to wear for extreme green day. She liked them thought they were great, was excited. All was well for the first 2 periods. They were in band because they have a big competition coming up. When she went to 3rd period a boy said to her, Lexi you have a beer advertisment on your pants." It started a FIRESTROM!! Everyone was talking about her beer pants. I received this email from the science teacher at the JH

Sister Freeman,

I am a little disappointed in Lexi. Today she was walking around school as a billboard for Guinness Beer. I know that she probably snuck them out of your house because you would never allow that kind of stuff in your house. Please talk to Lexi about appropriate clothing for an LDS youth.

Mr. Syrie

This extreme green beer joke almost landed her best dressed for the day!! YIKES!! I know that you can't dress in this kind of clothing so I was surprised that she didn't have to change or the school call me to make her change. I did receive another email from Mr. Syrie

Sister Freeman,

Just wanted to have a little fun with you. The kids were giving Lexi a hard time for her pajamas which were covered with beer lables. I hope that you don't take my last email serious. I know you have a great family and strong Christian morals. Lexi is a great ambasador of her faith here at school.


The joke was on me yesterday as she said stuff like, "My mom is crazy. She has no idea what she's doing, etc." Just so you know don't buy Guinesses clothing products. Come to find out the tag did say something like you have to be a legal age to by this clothing or something like that. After closer examination, there are beer mugs on her pants. It was a fun day to Lexi!! Sorry for the unimformed mom stuff. I thought it was Guinness Book of World Records or something!! :-D


Countrylivn' said...

Thats FUNNY! I almost died over the first email! Poor Lex, Im surprised she didnt go change when she realized it! HA HA, that is too funny!