Sunday, July 4, 2010

The 4th, well on the 3rd

Yep, I was co-in charge of the BC parade this year again. It was on the large scale because we had a fire fighter die in the line of duty and the firefighters from around the state came to honor him. We had 87 emergency vehicles in our parade, tripling the size of it. (at least) Here are some pictures taken by the Tri-City Herald. I left my camera at home!! In this picture Bode is on the bottom of the screen by the pink chair. Eric, mom, Brek and I are all standing back behind the blue pick-up. Lexi is standing behind the flag. All you can see of her are her legs.Summer is in this picture with her back to us. She is wearing red with the red, white and blue ribbons in her hair. She was serving food (watermelon).This is a picture of all the fire trucks parked down at the park. It was really cool to see.


Kiley said...

So was there enough food? And the parade went off without any problems? Did Mom take any pictures? YOu'll have to blog her pictures if she did. What did the newspaper say about it all?