Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The earings I chose were called Daisy Rainbow Crystals. I chose them because they were different colors and they matched with mostly anything.When I got my earings done I was shocked at how it didn't hurt!All it felt like was somebody pinching me.After I got my ears pierced they had to put that ear care stuff on and they made it drip so much that it dripped down my shirt!After they put the ear care stuff on they told me that I had to wait 6weeks!Then they told me what kind of earings that I could wear.They told me that I couldn't wear any fish hook earings only straight post earings.After they told me all the information we looked around their store and found cute earings and some pretty sweet hats.Okay so you want to know why I didn't cry?It was because 2 people did it at the same time!!


Kiley said...

You look cute Summer!

Countrylivn' said...

Good choice on the earings, way to be brave and not cry!