Friday, July 23, 2010

Advertisement for an orchard tractor

For Sale: Blue Tractor. Can be used for many things including but not limited too...
1. Spraying an orchard
2. Moving bins around the orchard
3. Mowing an orchard or other areas that a small tractor can get in to that a larger tractor can't, like your yard or pasture that has risers in it.
4. A form of transportation for your employees to travel from one field to another so you don't have to provide vehicles for them to drive.
And the lastest and greatest
5. To pull a much bigger loader tractor that isn't working?? around because it has the horse power to do it.Ok, these guys drive regularly past my house all the time going from one orchard to another. This was an interesting site this morning when I saw the small tractor pulling the big tractor. They were going VERY slow you know to be safe and make sure there were no mishaps. But why, why are they pulling this tractor behind them? It obviously works or they couldn't have gotten it on the trailer. If it just went to slow, they were going slow probably slower than they would be going if they were driving it. I know, they are doing an ad for Kabota!!! That's got to be it. I actually really like these guys. They always wave and slow down when they drive past and have even stopped and moved a child out of the road for me.