Tuesday, August 3, 2010

River float

These pictures are all out of order. But here's our float trip at Island Park. I think we floated on the Henry Fork?? Is that right peeps?

You can see the Telford family in a little dingy that started taking on water. They abandoned it near the end of the river. Erica in her float fishing tube. She was frozen by the time she got out. And Summer and Erin, screaming the whole way.There we all go, down the river. The big raft with all the complainers. We ended up having to row backwards with Bret's legs hanging in the water so he could row on both sides. We also kind of sprung a leak which of course caused mass hysteria.

And we're off!!
The kids testing the water and getting on to their tubes. Wyatt looks a little cold!!Carrying the tubes to the river.Luke happy to be going floating.
Summer excited to get in the water.
Mijken trying to get the tubes to hold air. They didn't and the one tube that went down the river left a pretty good rash on Wyatt so don't use inner tubes for extended amounts of time on a cold river.Erin and Summer getting ready to get in the water. They mostly spent the day screaming and gave up their tube to a big boy because they both couldn't stay on it. Cole posing with his tube.
The girls getting ready to get in the water. They shared a tube too and it wasn't big enough for both of them. They got way behind and ended up getting out of the water early because they couldn't catch up.
Erin excited to go on the river.
Of course, the storm clouds started rolling in and kids started getting nervous. You mention something like the words "shark, Titanic, or bathroom" and there's mass panic. It was a little too long for the littler generation. Dad parked about 1 mile up from the end (maybe 2, I'm not good with distances) and our whole raft unloaded and went with him. It was a relief as Jen, Bret and I were paddling the raft the whole river. It lightened out load alot. We also had Erica strapped to the back of us and Mijken and Ryan were in a little dingy. But once we unloaded the criers, Mijken and Ryan climbed in the raft and we put the tweeny girls in the dingy and tied them way in the back behind us. Then we had 5 paddlers which made it so much easier. It was great fun. Just next time we need to remember.....NO WHINERS, NO CRYING, NO ASKING WHEN IS IT OVER, NO ASKING "CAN I GET OUT AND GO HOME" (when it's obvious that we aren't anywhere near civilization and they would have to hike through bear, moose and snake infested forest with swimming suits and either no shoes or flip flops on) AND NO LOLLIGAGGING!!