Monday, August 2, 2010

Island Park

These pictures might be backwards a little. This is in Yellowstone, Erica driving from Greybull through the park and the buffalo were sharing the road. They turned a 4 hour trip into a 5-6 hour trip. Well maybe not the buffalo were the cause of the traffic jams, it was the rubbernecks.

Traffic jam in Yellowstone.

Mr. Buffalo sitting there enjoying his sun.The Maughans beautiful cabin. We are so grateful for the hospitality and kindness. Soooo much fun!!
Bode traveling.

Brek traveling with food.

Lexi self potrait.
There are pictures of Sum but at present she has the camera and is off taking more pictures so when I get a chance to see the pictures I will post more.


Kiley said...

Fun. Are all the kids getting along? Glad you blogged. Keep me updated.