Monday, August 2, 2010

Island Park #2

As you can see, the girls had fun with the camera. This is Erin. She is 10.
We asked some locals where to swim and fish and we were told about this fun little pond. Jilly, Lexi and Justin testing the water.

The water was pretty cold. Jen and Lizzie hanging on the little beach.

Bode and Luke trying to catch a fish.The one fish that was caught. Actually I think there were two fish caught. They were both caught by Telford girls.
Wy testing the waters. Brrr cold!!

Brek fishing with a pole with a bobber but no hook. Good thing because he swung the pole around more than it was in the water.
Summer fishing. Not really I made her pose because she was always way far away from me.
Wyatt was paid $15 to swim across the pond. Wes joined in. It was really cold. I was too far away to get a close picture because I had tangled Luke's fishing pole into a huge knot. But there was alot of screaming and excitement.
Jen's parents live in a "gated community" and here is their very fancy gate. Kind of cool!!


Kiley said...

Fun pictures. It looks like the weather is nice for outdoor activities.

Kiley said...

Did you celebrate Kollin and Sara's wedding anniversary yesterday?