Sunday, October 31, 2010

Piles of kittens

We have the fortune of owning 9 kitten/cats right now. There is one mama and 3 teenagers and 5 babies. For awhile they were "lost" except one baby but now they have all returned home to the front step to annoy Eric beyond his bearing. However, I try to point out almost every day that they are bring in the mice. Not all of them are named. Any suggestions?? Big fluffly orange doesn't have a name. The black teenager's name is Bullet because she and the dog Trigger get along so well. She's the only one that will tolerate the wild dog. He tries to chase her but she won't be chased.

Mama is the orange cat in the back. The white baby doesn't have a name. It has an orange tail and ears.
Lady Gaga is looking up at the camera nearest the bottom. Lady Gaga is named that because of his incredibly bad "make-up" job. He has "eyeliner" around his eyes. Bad eyeliner, hence Lady Gaga. Mama is also looking up at us too in the back.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hair cuts

The kids had 2 days off from school while the teachers and parents have pow wows so we went to town for much needed shopping. Lex needed to buy fabric for PJs. Sum just needed to go to town. Anyway, the girls both got their hair cut. I like both of their hairdos alot. Lexi isn't so sure about hers but I think she'll figure out how to do it and feel more confident. She has bangs!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Bode took 7th in a contest at school and he chose Knex as his prize. He hasn't ever won anything so he was pretty excited. We have never played with Knex before and they aren't easy to play with but alot of fun. It's takes so getting used to to use them cuz they are like legos but they don't snap together the same way. Here's his first creation.

Halloween treasures

We have really great neighbors and we have one neighbor in particular that is a bachelor and he gives A HAUL of candy and toysto our kids each year. Well this year he caught Eric and told him that he would be out of town and handed over the goodies for the kiddos early!! HELLLOOOO-talk about tons of stuff. Here are the boys modeling some of their treasures.
These pictures totally crack me up!!


They like to take pictures of themselves making funny faces!!

Lexi at extreme orange day. She duct taped a hat with orange tape. Some kinda gangster something.

Shoes?? Or maybe feet? Perhaps legs, noticed my pants are rolled up, look at my jeans?? I have no idea what this is about!!
Tongue hanging out the side of her mouth.
Ahhh!! Now that's the girl we know and love!

Summer ran for VP

Summer was really brave and ran for VP of Olds Jr High. She didn't win but she had a good time making posters. She was the only candidate to have her speech memorized which is really good for her. Here are somepictures of the boys sporting Vote For Summer shirts
And you're wondering why no pictures of Summer. They all turned out totally dark or totally white. I've got to figure out how to use cameras!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

I found a camera...

with some pictures on it. Extreme purple day-Homecoming week

Extreme Purple Day-Yes Olds Jr High changed their colors to purple and silver!! HUUUURAYYY!! They finally figured it out.
Summer playing vb against Finley. She got alot better as the season went on even getting her serves over!!
Winning "fairy" outfit for Lexi on Peter Pan day. She was the best dressed Freshman.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


make that 5 times to Basin City!!

I drove....

to Basin City 4 TIMES today!!

Monday, October 18, 2010


no not Gpa Freeman or Gpa Nielson. We have been relistening (or listening to for the first time) the conference talks. There was some grumbling from a certain boy at our house that "we have do this again???" and I said, "This is the prophet. He speaks with Jesus Christ." Just then Pres. Monson's picture showed up on the TV screen and he started talking. In all of Brek's wisdom he said, "That's not Jesus, that's Palmpa (grandpa)." I said, "Yes, that's Gpa Monson." Then for the next 5 minutes Brek kept saying "Palmpa Monsoon, Palmpa Monsoon." It was so cute. How we love Palmpa Monsoon and all his wisdom. Tonight we were encouraged again to have gratitude for all the wonderful things that we have.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Summer Volleyball

Summer's Volleyball pictures came. I'm having some technical difficulties this morning so I couldn't divide everything and zoom in better. Sorry!! She's having a fun year playing volleyball and she loves her coach. They are having a fun season with no wins, but she's getting to play-YEH!!