Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Still snowing!!

And I'm so grateful for American Eagle, Columbia, Costco and Peak Performance for all my nice warm clothes!! We were finally able to make it outside to build a snowman. I need one of those wooden snowman kits that we all made a couple of years ago for RS. Every year we are scrounding around for carrot noses, coal eyes, scarves and buttons. Frosty with Bode's head.

Bode posing with FrostyDude, wanna join my cool gang!!
Pucker up baby!!
Calm for a minute but then I notice the background, man my house needs some repairs done on it!!
Gettin' the hat just right.
Summer taking the picture not taking into account what might be blocking the shot. Rump shot!!
Brek checking out the progess and kicking Frosty down a couple of times too.
Me taking a cool picture of a rusty bike by springtime!!
Trig wondering what I'm doing and you can see the snow falling against his coat.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snow days

Welllll, the district only allows one snow day (day where school is cancelled because of bad weather) per year. We usually use it around the first of the year, that's when it gets cold and really bad around here. But this year we are getting something else. We used our one snow day-now all other days we miss have to be made up-yesterday. Thankfully we had school today, just a half day but the hs has practice which I'm sure the coaches are happy about because they cancelled practice Monday and Tuesday and with a big football game coming up and basketball season about to start, the coaches like to have their practices. Anyway, it's a good thing we have some days off cuz if we didn't we might be making up more days. It's snowing right now. Big flakes.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Let it SNOW!!

We are getting hammered with snow. Alot of snow for us!! The kids had 2 hour delay this morning and all ball practice has been cancelled for tonight. I'm guessing another delay for in the morning or no school. It's fun to have snow. It will be sticking too because it's going to be cold for awhile. I love snow!!

Monday, November 15, 2010


I was trying to get some pictures of the boys and Bode kept being a weirdo. He kept trying to make faces and his eyes closed, etc. He thought he was great fun!! Here's what I got.

It's all about the shoes.


No I'd make the dress, just added to the bottom of it and took out the hum to make it longer too. I think she got this dress at Rue 21 too. Yes she danced, she usually does now that it's not so scary and she's braver.
Lexi reads alot and of course we always sign up for our library's summer reading program. It was so easy this year. You could do it all online. Anyway, Lexi completed the reading so many hours to get entered into a drawing for a $30 gift card. And she won!! So she has had a giftcard that needed to be spent. We have a fun new store in Tri-cities called Rue 21. They have lots of cute stuff and of course the stuff she likes best is shoes. I choke on $25 for a pair of shoes knowing that if I just wait they will come on sale for much cheaper. But she on the other hand, had a dance to go to and since she had a $30 just burning a hole in her pocket, she bought the shoes. Now she can't wear them in anything wet because they are satiny and will get stained. She's being very selective about where she will wear them and has to practically put waterboots over them before going out. So of course the shoes make the outfit. Oh and the dress. Let's not forget the cute Old Navy coat (that someone else had at the dance-she was so glad that they were different sizes so she got back her own coat). Oh and of course, the hair, the hair definitely makes the outfit, RIGHT??


even for one little second or (Maybe longer-like a minute) with your 2 year old sitting at the computer cuz this is what will happen to your keyboard. Yes, Brek (didn't dump, the smear happened after I tried to get it off) Breky carefully applied white-out to the keyboard because you know he doesn't care for the letters m,n j, k, l, the comma, half the space bar or the mouse pad. Then Eric dreamed that I got the "paint" off of the computer. I have been able to scrap some of it off of the silver part but not the keys at all. Does anyone have any suggestions? I haven't asked Ms. Google yet either. Maybe she has some ideas.Summer modeling the new computer and was also practicing her typing skills. What a great keyboard to learn on. Even if you wanted to cheat and see what you were typing, you couldn't because we've whited-out all the letters!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Only in Basin City or some other remote "cowboyish" type town

like Greybull or Richfield or Lakeside would a funeral procession include the casket being drawn by two tawny horses and a wagon. I thought this was so cool and fitting for this particular family's way of life. I'm not going to include their name because I'm sure their wounds are still deep from the loss but it was so cool to see this cattleman's casket be brought into our little cemetary overlooking Basin City by horse and wagon. There were alot of cowboys there as you can see all of their cowboy hats. It just felt like "going home" in a way. Kind of cool. Something that I will remember for forever.

I also figured out

how to get the pictures off of my phone onto my computer so here are some random pictures.

The gangsters in the family sporting no make-up and all the gang signs they know, ONE!!Showing off his medal.At a wrestling match, one that I didn't go to. He won his first medal.Modeling some bling at Claire's.Sitting in Southridge High School at one of the 1000's of vb games that we went to this summer.Self portrait, sometime this fall.

Don't fall off your chairs.....

I'm actually blogging something. I can't seem to make my camera not take orange pictures or pictures with lines in them or a thousand other problems with it so I don't ever have anything exciting to say but the other day I did take these pics of Brek in feeties. He never liked wearing jammies with feet in them so i never put them on him but now he isn't minding so much. Here he showing his "glove" aka marble bag. (Wonder where the marbles are?)

He's showing the back of his jammies cuz, yeh they're cool!!