Monday, March 10, 2008

Brek's blessing

Brek was blessed on March 9, 2008. Eric did a good job and alot of people told that it was really good. Brek didn't cry too much. Eric talked a little about Brek being named after Kollin and how Kollin was a great missionary and inspiration to all. I think alot of people were crying during that part. We took some pics after church and as you can see Bode, was being Bode. He looked the best in this one so I thought I would post it. All the Nielson's close came and all the WA Freeman's except Ray and Di. Tyson and Shannon were there also. It was a fun weekend. Bret and Jen came so we got to play with our cousins. Brek's outfit is Ebay, not homemade. He blanket was though, out of minky and flannel. So soft. Almost done with the craziest. I might be able to calm down except Lexi has talent show, I'm getting my teeth cleaned and moles removed. And it RS this week. Next week is pre school, wisdom teeth pulled for me and Brek shots. Taxes have to be done in there sometime too. I hope I can get it all done.


Rachel B said...

Sounds like it went great! You have such a cute family!

:)Rachel B

wyomingerica said...

Holy smokes, you are so busy. Good luck with the wisdom teeth. Are you going to have to be careful with the drugs because you are breastfeeding? I had to wait until I was done feeding Ren.

Tricia and Eric Freeman said...

Boy I haven't even considered drugs I just figured I wouldn't get to use any but they know I have a baby and I had some drugs when I was preg to.