Thursday, March 27, 2008

Eggs, goats, piggy tails and a real cowboy

We had a pre school field trip to Easterday's farm which has many different animals including long horned cows, beef cows, chickens, a single duck and a ton of pigs. And of course, a cowboy, who has goats and a pony whose name is Pony. The kids were able to feed the goats and Pony and then we went and saw the chickens and looked into the coop at their nests and eggs and looked at the duck that also lays eggs that Easterdays eat. Then we went to the VERY smelly pigs and saw the teen-agers who were very wild and unruly and fighting the whole time and to the nursery where about 20 mamas had new babies. We really stunk to high heaven after getting out of the pig barn but the best part was when we saw the cowboy, who is John, we just call him the cowboy. Kaden Rowley (Mike and Joyce's boy) said, "Is that a REAL cowboy." I said "Yes" He said "Well, where's his cowboy hat?" He was wearing an Easterday hat. Anyway, they all wanted to have their pic taken with a REAL cowboy then. We all had to go home and take bathes and wash our clothes but the kids had a great time. This morning when Bode woke up he asked, "Where's preschool at today?"


Countrylivn' said...

So fun! you are so ambitious. We havent even been holding preschool lately, let alone going on a super fun field trip. What a good idea. BTW I really want some vinyl, that looks so fun!