Sunday, March 2, 2008


Ok for all of those who know Hannah Montana. We like her in our house-filled with bigger girls right now. Anyway our antenna is about 30 feet in the air (that's a blog for another day) and when the wind blows, it turns and our TV stations go out. The other night that's what happened. Bode wanted Eric to fix it so he came asked me to ask dad to fix it. This is what he said "Mom ask dad to fix the "Hantenna". A little Mylie Cyrus on the brain.


Countrylivn' said...

Bode is funny. So I am really wanting to come this weekend, I am afraid it wont happen, I have to speak at our last two ward conferences, shoshone and Dietrich, and the Stake YW pres isnt going to be there, I am still trying to work it our though. I am so excited for the sister reunion! Your baby is getting big!

Deborah Austin said...

That is too funny!