Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Watch out! I might break it!

This morning I had quite the morning. First I was fixing breakfast and trying to get some plates out of the cupboard. I dropped two of them. One I was able to stop on the counter but the other one bounced once and then SHATTERED and I mean shattered into a billion pieces. Not a half an hour later I was walking in my bathroom. I bumped the "perfume shelf" with my shoulder (it has all of Eric's colonge on it). All the jars fell to the floor and the one on the bottom of the pile shattered (I'm sure you can smell the scent from where you are it's so strong here). Eric had to change his clothes because it splashed all over him and he didn't want to smell like one of his hired guys (if they don't get to shower, they just cake on the colonge). Needless to say, I'm worried I might break my baby or my leg or something today. Hopefully everything will survive me.


Rachel B said...

Mercy you have had some day today! My kids just broke one of my favorite bowls. I am thinking plastic is the only way to go until they are at least 65. Hope nothing else breaks on you today.

;)Rachel B

Jennifer Nielson said...

Trish you are too funny...I think we all have clumsy days...But it would probably be a good idea for you to just sit and hold the baby...No walking around with him today :)

Countrylivn' said...

Well, I fell down the stairs while I was carrying the baby, isnt that scarry! Atleast I fell right on my bum, I totally just slipped and landed straight down, Claire bawled her head off, I think about falling everytime I go down, they are so steep, anyway I have never fallen until yesterday. not fun, but we are ok! Clumsy ladies!