Friday, July 25, 2008

24th and good kids

The 24th is OVER!! YEH!! Only to start a new adventure as we are having a BIG trek next year and want it to be as authentic as possible so we will be making pioneer outfits, etc. I also have great kids. They did their Sat. jobs this morning and come to find out, I had an RS meeting that I had forgotten about. I was so grateful that the house wasn't the whirlwind we had had early in the day. The meeting was at 9 in the morning and Lexi's jobs were already done and Summer's were well on her way. The table was cleaned off, hurray and the living room was good. I couldn't believe their insight! It was great that I wasn't all shambles. I will blog more about the 24th when time permits. We are going to the boat races tomorrow too!! First time for all of us!! Should be interesting!


Anonymous said...

9:00 in the morning and chores already done, during the summer, that is when I get up! Tricia, you are a better person than me! I am glad that the 25th is actually over. My mom was in charge of a big 39th ward reunion which of course I being her only daughter had to help with. It was great though to see some old friends. The old Jillian Maughan was there.

Kelly said...

Hey Tricia, I know the boat races must be big, you know lots of people, but keep a look out for Tom and Eric they are up there this weekend and are going to the races. That would be cool if you accidentally ran into them.