Monday, July 28, 2008

Not much happenin' here

We are doing the wind down thing this week. We aren't doing too much, thank goodness. We are starting to get ready for school?!! Yikes!! I hope the next weeks go slow. I don't want school to come!!


Anonymous said...

You and me both. I don't know if Jen told you but I changed my blog address. It is:

Kelly said...

You wanted to know which pieces were the circles on my quilt. Well all the denim pieces are circles and the flags are squares. You just fold over the flaps of the circles over the squares to make it look like a denim square. Then you sew a decorative stitch to hold down the flaps. Pretty simple once you see it up close.

Countrylivn' said...

Emma is now frantically searching the house for ALL littlest pet shops, I hope we can find them all!! We are so excited to be coming! We will have to do lots of playing with cousins! (On the phone she told Bode that we were not coming to washington,(she doesnt know what is going on from one minute to the next) But Bode told her that She WAS coming to washington, pretty cute!)