Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th and stuff

We had a fun 4th of July. Lexi helped and organized the parade this year and bossed everyone around at the parade getting them lined up etc. She really liked it and she passed off one of her YW goals. We also had some fireworks (sparklers and 3 tanks) that we set off. The neighbors however had a great fireworks show (I bet they spent at least $5000 on fireworks. We could see it from our house so we enjoyed them on our own grass. It wasn't too hot which was nice but the kids swam all day in Gma Freeman's pool so their faces were a little burnt. I'm glad it's over however, I did have Stacey Shaw (6th grade teacher) help me with the parade and she said that she would like to do it next year. And hopefully Jenny will be up and running next year so we should be staffed very well. The kids were also in the parade.


wyomingerica said...

looks like a fun 4th. I want so more vinyl. I just have to much to do to sit and think about it. have a great day.