Friday, July 11, 2008


There's not much to say other than we have been busy. Our Freeman cousins have been here and we have been playing with them. Lukey is coming tomorrow so we will get to play with him for a little while. We are excited to see them. Washington state is on fire. There is a really bad fire near Spokane. We are going to play with our cousins at Chuck E Cheese today so everyone is trying to get ready to go. Other than that we are just hangin' out.


Mark & Danette Bowen said...

Hey Tricia!!!
It's Danette! I need HELP!!! I need some help with getting just vinyl to sell in the store! I am so busy with everything else in the store! Whadayathink???
email me!!!

wyomingerica said...

TAG YOU'RE IT!So here are the rules: You take pictures of the following things...WITHOUT cleaning or changing anything.
1. favorite room
2. the toilet
3. the kitchen sink
4. the fridge
5. what the kids are doing right now
6. favorit shoes
7. laundry room
8. closet
9. dream vacation
10. self portra