Wednesday, August 20, 2008

BoRIng with two !!

We aren't doing too much around here. Just enjoying the last few days of summer. Lexi has been babysitting the last couple of days for the neighbor. She likes the $. We went over to the Jr. High to get her all set up, basically pay her dues for sports and ASB etc. She saw where all her classrooms were and the lockerroom. We have a VB Schedule so if you're ever in the area she plays Tues and Thurs. I have no idea how she will compare to the other girls, good, the same, bad. She's nervous about everything. I think the bus ride will only be 1/2 hour. She must be one of the last one's on the bus. I hoping lots of times she can ride with someone to school and then we will return the favor when we are old enough to drive. Bode is getting excited for school to start too. I hope that he can settle down a little bit and sit still and not urinate on the cement wall that about every farm boy that went through BC Elem has done. We will see how he does. Summer's teeth are really MoVIng. That's kind of what her mouth looks like all crooked. She's embarrassed to smile but is excited to get a new smile too. She gets braces in 6-8 weeks. That ought to be FUN!! with a capital F. We still have loved the O's. Love Mikey Phelps (at least Lexi does). And all the other fun stuff. Glad that Shawn Johnson final got her bling!! Yeh for her!! Anyway, just boring stuff around here.


wyomingerica said...

I can't believe Bode is going to be in school. Crazy, JHigh that will to great for Lexi. To bad she has to ride the bus so long, but I guess you survive. I hope she likes volleyball.