Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First day of school

Yesterday was the first day of school for Summer and Lexi. Sum is in 5th grade. Her teacher is Mr. Ogle (Lexi had him in 5th too). Lexi started Jr High and came home VERY sore from VB. Remember those days of soreness and then about 3 days in you start feeling better.
Bode doesn't get to start school until next Wed. He is very sad and I tried to talk him into riding in the swather with Gma. Right now, it's a NO. But I will still try to convince him. Also for all you Basin City-ies. The Bobcat Den (Mom's club, PTA) purchased a new floor. Isn't it great!! When they told me last year they were doing it, I said "Be sure to put holes in the floor so when we have enough $ we can buy GOOD VB stands for the VB net." They put HOLES in the floor!! Yeh, they did something right!!