Friday, August 15, 2008

Doesn't anyone sleep around HERE?!!!

Ok, my family obviously doesn't understand what it means to sleep and get a good sleep. To start the night off, we went to the temple and came home to our AC not working (there will be more about that later) so our house was about 83 degrees, which is bearable. But then we starting getting people ready for bed. Sum had a high fever and so she needed a cool bath and meds (which she can't take a pill-interesting), Brek had finally fallen asleep at Gma's so when he got home and woke up, well, he was awake. Finally everyone was in bed and sleeping except Lex has been staying up and watching the O's and then she doesn't turn off the TV so I have to do that in the Mid of the night (that happened 2 nights ago, last night I made her turn it off). So finally have cooled down enough to fall asleep and Bode gets in bed with me. Eric puts him back in bed. Then about 3 Bode's back in bed with me again. Eric moves him again but this time to say, "Oh man, he's wet." I start feeling myself (thinking that I was just sweaty, yeh, I wish sweat!!) No, he wet all over me and the pillow that he was sleeping on. So since I'm up, I go check on Sicky Sum, her fever has broke but while I'm checking on her she wakes up and of course, wants to have a whole conversation about something. I don't know what it was I just left her still talking in her room. I checked on Brek (who should be the one up) and he's doing great. Ok, I've changed my clothes and I'm back in bed. And about 4 Eric starts rolling around in pain because he got shocked by 480 VOLTS yesterday while working on a circle and he popped his shoulder out. (He doesn't know if it popped out because of him throwing his arms back to get them out of the electricity or from the actual shock.) He finally gets settled again and then guess who wakes up, the baby!! Why don't people in my house like to sleep? I love to sleep. I need to sleep. I can't function without slepp. Anyway, I think I'm going to go take a nap now!!


wyomingerica said...

That is crazy about Eric, I hope he starts feeling better. Did Summer start feeling better. We are putting in G&G sprinkler system (on 2 acres) we have been here for 2 days. Did you watch Phelps last night? Crazy, how did he win that? Hope you get some sleep.