Friday, August 22, 2008

Chapter 2-"the check"

Ok, so we made it to the part in the story that we found the check the first time in the Clifford book. So I brought the check home without depositing it and set it on the table for the weekend. Nothing happened to it then but on Mondee I went to town to deposit it. Sum had an orthrodonist check-up first then we went to a junky second hand store and then to Richland Walmart, where I realized that I didn't have the check anymore. I had it poked into my front pocket of my diaper bag. Of course, while we were in walmart Bode was throwing a fit so I made him get in the cart which made him throw a bigger fit so we left the store with 3 three things in our cart for punishment. I was doing so good about following through with punishment so he knew he couldn't act like that in the store. But then when we got to the car and I couldn't find the check, well we had to go back into Walmart to retace steps (on the way to the car Bode is screaming, I want to go back inside, so he ended up getting exactly what he wanted!! GRRR!!). Well, of course, Walmart didn't have it. So back to the junky store (where, isn't this bad, I felt like if anyone there had picked it up they wouldn't be honest anyway and would have taken it) of course, it wasn't there. So finally back to the Orthro. We looked all around where we had sat, wasn't there. So I asked the receptionist and she said, "I think I have it. I just put a stamp on it to mail it to you. The UPS man brought it in from the parking lot." I was so relieved (I'm sure the Lord was about ready to stop answering my prayer in the affirmitive over this one check). Anyway, I called the main office of the UPS to ask what the driver's name and where he worked. They took down my name and number and then the Kennewick UPS called me back and asked me what happened and I just told them I was so grateful that he was honest and kind enough to do that for me. That night in family prayer, Summer thanked Heavenly Father for helping us find the check. It is now safely spent-no I mean deposited-in the bank, uhhhh!! I do say, one more reason to LOVE it when you see the UPS (we pronounce it, up with an s added, ups) man. Thank you brown!!