Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bolt was 2 cents cheaper

BOLT was 2 cents cheaper at Walmart so it's a toss up. My coupon wouldn't scan at Walmart and the lady had to help me but she was nice and everything worked out good. ALSO FOUND A GREAT WEBSITE!! I know not many people read my blog and some people might be mad that I'm sharing because I think there are a limited # of coupons that can be printed but I want you guys to enjoy it anyway. The website is here (thanks Marci for the help!!) Anyway, it is Old Navy's secret website. These coupons can ONLY be used IN THE STORE. They change on Thursday but are random on the times that they change. Also those on the west coast remember that we are 3 hours behind. Recently they had an incredible coupon $75 off of a $100 purchase!! Pretty great. If anyone hears anything, let me know!! Enjoy!!


marciekoch said...

Hey Trish - I can help you with the link thing. If you type the words you want it to say (like Old Navy Weekly or Secret Old Navy site), highlight the phrase, THEN click on the link button and enter the website. Try that out - hope I could explain it well enough! :)

marciekoch said...

Ok - sorry for not being more specific. On the blog posting screen - where you type your blog in...there is a button just to the right of the button where you change the color of your text. It looks like a chain link with a globe. That brings up a screen where you put the web address. SO - if you type out the phrase you want the link to (example: Old Navy Weekly if the website you're linking it to is the Old Navy Weekly dot come website), then highlight the phrase with your mouse, then click on the link button, enter the web address, push ok. That should work. I think Sha Nielson explained it so I could understand once upon a time...

Unknown said...


Thanks for the fantastic post about the Old Navy coupon site (www.oldnavyweekly.com) You said that not many people are reading your blog, but we are paying attention and really are flattered that you would take the time to mention us.

Thought you would want to know that the most valuable coupons this week will be worth 30% off any purchase and you can bet we’re pulling out all the stops to keep it hidden.

And don’t forget, next week we’ll be bringing back the big $$ coupons and we’ve got tricks up our stylish sleeves that will make it the most fun search yet!

Keep in mind that at OldNavyWeekly.com, there are always limited and unlimited coupons hidden. The unlimited coupons will carry identical codes so no need to worry if your coupon looks like your friends!

Keep up the great blogging.

John A.
Brand Advocate working on behalf of Old Navy