Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Eric is an inventor

We have entered the stage of bathroom raider-meaning Brek LOVES the bathroom and all things that are in the bathroom including toilet, bathtub for playing in and bathing in, toilet paper, nasty things in the garbage and under the sink. So Brek has rolled out ALOT of tissue. Last night Eric yelled to me in an excited voice. "Hey I figured out how to keep Brek from rolling out the tissue. Just pinch the roll and flatten it a bit!!" It is a little inconvient but it works great. Now, the funny thing is, this is our last kid and we're just figuring out how to keep them from rolling the tissue out NOW!! Boy, we sure missed class on that lesson!


Deborah Austin said...

See all your good learning is helping the rest of us out and isn't that how it works you figure it out at the end when you could be an expert!!

What a good idea though one I will have to remember in the future:)Cute little guy though, he is getting so bit. I love the b-ball in the toilet I'm guessing thats where his dad told him to put it:)

jjfreeman4 said...

Good to know...Eric's technique may come in you think JJ is too old to fool that way?