Monday, March 2, 2009


Eric David Freeman was born today 42 years ago. He was actually first named David Eric Freeman but his mom and dad didn't feel like he looked like a David so a few days later, they changed his named to Eric David. He has 2 birth certificates with each name on it. We love Eric for all the good things he does for us. Just this past year, I've personally enjoyed a new washer and dryer, a new car and a stay at an incredible hotel in the presidential suite!! He's a great daddy. He takes Lexi to the bus, to MIA, to town, picks up Summer from practice, takes Bode to practice, teaches him wrestling moves, the kids what to say when they are being teased. He loves to work and play!! We love him and are so glad that he's our DAD!! And best friend, husband and confidant.


wyomingerica said...

Happy birthday Eric!