Friday, March 27, 2009


Ok, I know a little more info about the Old Navy website. If you want to get great deals click here. Also here's some info about this weeks hidden coupons. A 30% off on and they said next week there will be the big bucks back so keep checking!!

This is a letter I received this week from Old Navy.

Thought you would want to know that the most valuable coupons this week will be worth 30% off any purchase and you can bet we’re pulling out all the stops to keep it hidden.And don’t forget, next week we’ll be bringing back the big $$ coupons and we’ve got tricks up our stylish sleeves that will make it the most fun search yet!Keep in mind that at, there are always limited and unlimited coupons hidden. The unlimited coupons will carry identical codes so no need to worry if your coupon looks like your friends!Keep up the great blogging.

Also where to find the hidden coupons:

20% off one item:The yellow corsage on the little girl

20% off two items:Dog's collar

30% off your entire purchase:There is a jumping dolphin that appears once in a while behind the lady with the dog. You have to click on the dolphon as it jumps to get the coupon.

30% off one item:Located on the boys swim shorts. Scroll through the bottom left under more fabulous finds and you'll see the shorts.


Unknown said...

Hi Eric and Tricia,

This week you must get your snooping skills ready because is going to keep you on your finely-pedicured toes hunting for the $75 coupons again this week!

Happy hunting!

Nicole D.

Brand Advocate working on behalf of Old Navy