Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Corn and Pumpkins

We are still getting ready for the trek. Pioneer sprayed the weeds in the corn field but before they did that we had to dig up our spontanous growing pumpkin plants so they wouldn't get sprayed. I dug them up and put them in buckets for less then 12 hours. When I got home from town that afternoon, those pumpkins weren't looking very good. They were all wilted and dying. Eric and I replanted them. He didn't think they would survive but they have. Also since the corn was sprayed we had to culivate the dead weeds. Pioneer dropped off a tractor and culivator for us to use for one night. After spending half of the night getting the culivator fixed so that it wasn't dragging a bunch of trash and pulling up all the corn, Eric culivated until 10 and then went out this morning to finish up at 5:30. By 7:30 Pioneer was here picking up the tractor. Glad we got that done. The corn does look nice with no weeds and the fresh dirt all turned up. It also smells really good to, like spring and summer all mixed together. Lexi is off at girls camp this week so we are adjusting to life without her around. Also trying to get all the pre work done on the 4th of July Parade so that whomever is going to do it on the 4th will have an easier time of putting on a parade. My weight loss is at 50 lbs. Just hanging out right around there. Other than that, we have been kind of boring.