Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lastest trip to Albies

6-Angel Soft 12 pack tissue
14-Ritz Crackers
6-Crystal Light
7- BBQ Sauce
7-Miracle Whip
7-Kraft Shells and Cheese
2-Planters Bars
1-Oscar Mayer Weiner
Total Cost $196.15
Amount saved $181.37
OOP $14.78
92% savings!!! WOO HOO!!
Now I need a nice storage room like Mijken or Kiley!!


wyomingerica said...

I was just at Albertson's and saw no signs of any sales. I guess you need to know what to look for.

Rachel Berry said...

Okay lady it's time to give up your coupon secrets! I know I could sure use a few tips!


Unknown said...

Good job!!! Fun to see you today!

Summer Freeman said...

I will email all my ideas. Most of these pons were printed off the internet except the tissue and BBQ sauce. There is a good deal coming tomorrow through Tues

marciekoch said...

can you email me your secrets too? I'm amazed each time you post - wonder woman for sure!

momof6 said...

My trip to Albies was so much higher, HELP!!