Thursday, June 18, 2009

Severe Weather

Ok, so our severe weather story. A couple weeks ago we were gone somewhere on a Saturday. When we came home, we found our trampoline like this. Apparently, we had a little tornado in our yard?? And the hurricane worthy news. We have a new addition to our house, Katrina the cat. We got her from our good friends and neighbors, the Naefs. We named her Katrina because of all the havic that happened trying to get her including but not limited too...scratching dad's hand off, catching her once thinking she hadn't had her babies and then finding out a day and half later that she had delivered and they were in Naef's attic and couldn't be reached. Had to catch her again, hench the arm mutilation. Reuniting her with her babies and then a few weeks later catching her again to come live with us. I have seen her still reeking havic on our mouse population!! HURRAY!! So Katrina is a great name for her-Kat for short.