Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy B-day Summer

Yesterday was Summer's b-day. She turned 11!! I'm going to have another teen type soon, if she already can't be counted as a teen type?!! Summer is a great girl. She's very kind and thoughtful and good. Too the core good. If she knows it's wrong, she won't do it or let anyone else do it either. For her b-day she got an MP4 player, a fur real pet and a new towel and dress. She liked everything!! Yeah, I did good on that. We had to parties yesterday including lunch at Phillips with the Hawkins kids as their parents are in Chile picking up their Missionary son, Tyler. We made 350 wagon wheel cookies for the up coming Freeman Trek in WY this week. Amy is a mover!! And everyone did a good job helping. Then we went to Gma Nielson's for a little dinner and b-day cake. It was a fun, busy day. Summer also had to give a talk and did a great job on it (although I forgot to go because I was in the nursery with Brek!) Happy Birthday, Summer. We love you!!


Jennifer Nielson said...

Happy Birthday Summer! You are so cute and "tweenie"