Thursday, July 30, 2009

Corn and coupons

Here is the pictures of the corn. We water the grass a couple of days ago while the 4-wheeler was still here. Bode rode and rode and rode and rode the grass right to the dirt because the lawn was wet. Yikes!! I hope my grass will survive?

As for couponing this week. We are doing lots of school clothes and here is the latest I got at Albies

2-Milks 8-Stayfree pads

16-Ice Cream Bars 10-Pop Tarts


OOP $13.38

Savings $129.64

91% Savings

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Almost August!!

Not too much going on here. We did go school shopping yesterday that was interesting. I had my $500 gift card so I didn't spend any $ and Old Navy was having 50% off their clearance. There were some great prices just not much to choose from. Nothing for the boys or Summer. Lexi got some clothes. I'm not ready for school to start and it's almost August. Where did the summer go?? Lex and I are going shopping on Fri and then Eric and I are going temple, meeting, shopping on Sat. I have a busy weekend. The corn is getting tall! But no tassels yet.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Swimming at Jay's

Here are some pics of the kids swimming at Jay's. Brek really doesn't get in the water at all. It's too COLD for him!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

New toy, not really

We have a 4-wheeler at our house right now, no it's not ours. We're using it to spray weeds. The kids are having a great time driving it.

Brek, the eater

Brek is no longer taking a bottle and of course that means he eats and eats and eats. He sits in his high chair alot eating and for the most part the only reason he cries (other than being beatup or wanting to go outside) is because he's hungry. He's really cute when we say prayer to because he will fold his arms and say "May-men" -Amen throughout the prayer. And as for the diaper. He DO NOT like clothes. It's hard to keep them on him, not that he can take them off but hard to get them on him and then he's upset because he has sleeves on or pants on his legs.

You scream, I scream

We all scream for ice cream!! Albies had a great deal on ice cream this week. Here's my bargains for the week

6-Capri Suns
5-Electrasol dishwasher tabs
4-Pasta Salads
2-Maria Callendar frozen dinners
8-Mac & Cheese
1-Ice cream cones
2-Breyers Ice cream
4-Good Humor Ice Cream Bars
10-Single Klondike Ice Cream Bars
1-Single Good Humor Bar
4-6 Pack Klondike Ice Cream Bars
6-Gallon of milk
6-Nestle Quick Choco Milk
OOP $5.49
Total savings $169.46
97% savings

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The wound never quite heals

and I suppose that is how it is supposed to be. It reminds us of that deep love and connection that we have with each other. An eternal family, a bond formed before this life and that will continue on after this life. Here is the latest on Kollin. All I have to say is please, I'm begging you!! Don't drink and drive. It destroyed-took away- two people's lives in this case. My brother's and the man who hit him. It could have destroyed his sweet wife and son's lives and my parents but they haven't let it. Please I'm screaming at the top of my lungs DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!!! It makes me really mad!! To see people do that!! Don't do this to someone else's family!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2 shiny quarters

Here's what I got for two shiny quarters (ok, maybe the quarters weren't that shiny-actually I used my debit card)
20-Pasta Salad
2-Pillsbury refridgated cookie dough

This was kind of a fluke deal. I had $1.25 coupons (printed off the internet from for the cookies that I knew I wanted to use (since I'm on a diet and if I don't have to cook yummies then I don't eat yummies and my kids are old enough to do it without my help.) So I went to Albies to see how much these cookies cost. $2.50 WHOA!! Expensive. I thought there was no way I could make a deal work where I could get them for under about 50 cents. I was WALKING out of the store and they had some items that were up front on sale. The Pasta was there with $1/2 peelies on the front. The pasta is part of the mix and match. If you buy ten items you get $5 off instantly, well the pasta was $1/each so 10/$10 with the peelie doubled made them FREE!! Kind of confusing so here's the math
10 Pasta- $10
1 cookie- $2.50
instant Savings -$5 (mix and match epic sale)
pons savings -3.00 (from pasta peelies)
cookie pon -1.25
-3.00 (used 3 doublers totaling $1 each)
Did this transaction twice to spend my 2 shiny quarters
Total savings $52.68

Monday, July 13, 2009

What not to do before church

There are several things that you shouldn't do before church. Like let your 5 year old boy go outside in his white shirt and Sunday pants. Things like muddy knees and a tie buried in the backyard tend to happen. Another thing you don't do, wake up your teenage daughter late because then EVERYONE will be late and grumpy. And one that we recently encountered. Drag your kicking and screaming child into church only to hurt his arm. Bad enough hurt that he won't stop crying so you take him to the ER to find out you dislocated his elbow! OUCH!! It's ok apparently it happens ALOT and usually the radiologist gets the priviledge of putting it back in because he bends the elbow straight to take a picture of it. So for 45 mins, Brek cried in pain. But as soon as the radiologist did his thing, Brek was ready to go. A totally different child. And do you wonder if we were treated differently because we were in church clothes. You bet!! I don't think we got turned in for abuse. Here are the pictures of Brek at the ER.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pics from Trek

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The deals at Albies

Ok did an Albies run which I wasn't planning on doing because I haven't been home and didn't have time to plan an attack. Here's what I got.

2-Hotdogs 16-1 pint flavored milk
2-Wacky noodles 3-Chinet Big Plates (36 count)
6-Tuna 1-Chinet little Plates (35 count)
7-PB 21-Kraft Mac & Cheese
3-Cups of Mac & Cheese 10-Shampoo/conditioner (Dove brand)
2-Kotex 1-Poptart
3-Mustard 4-Candy Bars
1-Cakester 9-Frosted Flakes
1-Froot Loop 3-Raisin Bran
6-Sandies (cookies) 2-Fudge Stripes (cookies)
The cookies were from Walgreens.
OOP at Walgreens $13.00
Total savings $7.00
Catalinas $10.00 (These are basically coupons that I can use on anything Walgreens, I will probably get diapers with my $10)

OOP at Albies $9.32
Total Savings $245.82
That's a 96% savings!! All my pons were printed off the internet or from my papers. I didn't buy any of them except the cakester ones (which I bought for another transaction that I couldn't get to work-$3.50. With that cost added in I spent)
OOP $12.82-Pretty good!! (I also have a $5 catalina for Albies)

Monday, July 6, 2009

We're back!!

We're back from a fun vacation/family reunion to Martin's Cove and the Sweetwater 6th crossing. Alot of Eric's cousins were there. I think the total count of people was 171 with about 101 kids under 12 there. Crazy. We trekked about 8 miles in 2 days and had a great time eating and visiting. There was ALOT of crying babies!! It was crazy. Some of the highlights were a baptism in the Sweetwater, sudden downpours of rain (at least 3 that soaked you to the bone!), 3 Sweetwater river crossing where ALL of our stuff had to be removed from the carts including babies and a line of people standing in the river helping everyone cross, arrival of Epr. Hanks and hearing the long time Stake Pres of Riverton Stake speak to us about some of the experiences he had with the 1st Presidency in aquiring land and getting the whole trekking process started in the late 90's, lots of good food, some kind of tornado or dust storm on the way home just outside of Ritzville, seeing buffalo upclose and personal (but Eric didn't get the pics he thought he did??), Shell Falls-beautiful but I forgot to bring my camera, seeing the restuarant where Erica works, beautiful-same trip with no camera!! And just a great time all around. Wish it could have lasted longer. I will post pics soon.